Asset Group Solutions provides a variety of services catering to commercial and industrial clients, such as shopping centers, offices blocks, industrial complexes, residential strata buildings, parks and recreational facilities. These Services can be provided through a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc arrangement as required:

• Strip and seal of flooring
• Internal and external high clean
• Facility maintenance and deep clean
• Car park clean
• Graffiti removal
• High pressure Cleaning
• Consumable and sanitary services
• Strata cleaning
• Carpet cleaning
• Fast blast hard floor
• Timber floor cleaning
• Window cleaning
• Washroom cleaning
• Kitchen and pantry service

We constantly seek to develop methods which minimize the environmental impact of our cleaning services.


One significant recent advance has been the use of new static cloths for dusting and wiping tables, benches, etc. These cloths are infused with anti-viral and anti-bacterial chemicals but are completely non-toxic and assist in the reduction of spray chemicals in general.


The use of Sanitary Steam/Vacuum methods to clean all areas or surfaces which require sanitising is one environmentally sustainable option we propose to clients. This method has a number of benefits including:

• Fast and effective cleaning of bathrooms, commercial kitchens and foyer areas (areas dry faster than when using other methods)
• Effective for infection control
• Water use is minimised: The system uses just 5 litres of water over a typical 6 hour operation
• Minimal or no chemicals required (non-hazardous only)
• Surfaces cleaned periodically using this method require only regular hot water cleaning in the future
• Minimisation of allergens (reduces common causes of attacks amongst asthma sufferers)
• Packaging that comprises recycled or renewable materials


Asset Group Solutions attempts to use chemicals which are defined as non-hazardous according to Work Safe Australia. Each chemical comes with an extensive Material Safety Data Statement (MSDS), which is kept onsite at all times and their presence is checked off during Quality Assurance inspections.


In line with our commitment to environmental management, we are concerned with the correct disposal of wastewater used in cleaning as well as the problem of the contamination of storm water drains during external cleaning. Asset Group Solutions site teams are cognisant of this concern and are trained to take special care when performing work which could cause contamination of storm water drains.

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