Developed by our IT and Technology team, SLAIR is an online system designed for property facilities management that provides a platform for managing and coordinating services from anywhere across the World.

SLAIR’s operating features include:

• Live running logs viewed from any location.
• Report and Incident management.
• Rostering, attendance & time sheet completion.
• Compliance management.
• Messaging & Communication between users.
• Task delegation and check off.
• Monthly incident and report statistics.
• Activity reports.
• WH&S reports.
• Communications and response time reports.
• Invoicing reports.
• GPS and staff tracking.
• Statistical reports and trends.
• Search for incidents or person of interest.

SLAIR provides an online platform for managing diverse and complex service portfolios, eliminating the need for paperwork and ensuring that management and clients have live access to incidents as they occurred. All information is processed to establish trends and aid the development of strategies to mitigate risk and liability.


Asset Group Solutions has developed its own live data tracking software for the purpose of live data entry, financial tracking and reporting. The software has been designed to have an easy user interface and functionality, meaning it can be seamlessly implemented at any type of site with minimal start up cost, time delay and training.

Our live data tracking system has been created for the purpose of collecting data so that records are kept of certain aspects of our business. Such data collection allows Asset Group Solutions to identify any potential issues and subsequently create policies and strategies to combat such issues.

The software was originally created as a live vehicle and pedestrian tracker, with our employees counting the amount of persons entering a site. The program allowed us to identify errors that were being made by toll team staff and subsequently we implemented procedures to ensure that such errors are ratified. The software has since been developed and can now be used in various capacities.

The system facilitates the following live services:

• Vehicle and Pedestrian Counting
• Financial Tracking
• Heavy Vehicle Manifests
• Speed Gun Reporting
• Audits
• Daily, Monthly & Annual Financial/Data Reports
• Key Register Tracking
• Lighting Audits
• Fire Equipment Audits
• First Aid Audits
• Contractor Register
• Room Auditing

Staff log into the software via website, which is accessible by tablet or smartphone, whilst carrying out their regular duties. Once logged in, staff input the data into the website which is them instantly updated. Asset Group Solutions staff, managers and our clients will have access to the live tracking.

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